Long-Lasting Fabriq Hair Smoothing

Keratin treatments in Milton Keynes at Decesare Salon

Are you tired of battling frizz? Dreaming of effortlessly manageable locks? Look no further.

Say goodbye to the frustration of dry, unruly hair with a transformative Fabriq hair smoothing treatment available exclusively at Decesare Hair Salon in Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes.

Our Fabriq keratin treatment, crafted by the same industry experts behind KeraStraight, offer the ultimate solution for achieving healthy, resilient, and easy-to-manage hair.

Fabriq treatments work on all hair types. Whether you’re aiming to repair damage, tame frizz, or enhance your natural curls, Fabriq empowers you to achieve your desired look. Plus, you can feel good knowing that all Fabriq treatments are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Transform your locks and unleash your hair’s full potential with Fabriq at Decesare Hair Salon – because your hair deserves nothing but the best. Book your consultation by calling us today on 01908 281218.

The Benefits of Fabriq Hair Smoothing

Fabriq keratin treatments in Milton Keynes at Decesares SalonAt Decesare, we understand that your hair’s vitality lies in its protein structure. With Fabriq, we harness the power of these natural building blocks, combined with a proprietary blend of vegetable proteins, to rejuvenate, fortify, and transform all hair types.

Drawing from over a decade of expertise in protein hair repair, the Fabriq experts are pioneers in the science of hair care. Their profound knowledge of protein technology enables them to craft precise blends of proteins, amino acids, and peptides tailored to achieve diverse results.

Fabriq treatments encompass a spectrum of proteins, each serving a specific purpose.

Some deeply penetrate the hair to mend bonds, while others target the outer cuticle or work externally. These proteins have the remarkable ability to:

  • Enhance hair strength
  • Reduce porosity
  • Reshape hair texture
  • Create shine
  • Stop frizz by combating humidity
  • Deliver silky smooth locks

Unveil your hair’s true potential with a visit to Decesare Salon today.

Try Our Fabriq Reset Treatment

Fabriq reset hair smoothing in Milton KeynesDo you have thick hair that takes too long to style? Weak hair that doesn’t seem to grow? Frizzy, wavy or curly hair you cannot control?

Then Fabriq Reset is perfect for you. In as little as two hours you’ll get smoother hair that lasts up to four months.

Reset is a low pH protein treatment that transforms the shape, strength and condition of every type of hair.  After this treatment, your hair will be quick and easy to manage, so you can choose whatever style you want.

We will adapt the treatment to your hair type and condition which makes this perfect for:

– Curly, Wavy or Afro-textured Hair
– Thick and Frizzy Hair
– Weak and Damaged Hair

The Reset treatment is bespoke to you, so the exact time will vary but usually takes between 2-3 hours.

Book a hair smoothing consultation at Decesare Hairdressers in Woburn Sands by calling 01908 281218.

Enjoy A FREE Fabriq Shampoo

For a limited time only, to keep your new frizz-free hair salon perfect, we’re offering a complimentary full-size Fabriq Shampoo to take home after your first Fabriq keratin smoothing treatment.

Five Star Reviews of Fabriq Hair Smoothing

“It’s amazing! I now wake up in the morning and my hair looks the same as when I went to bed!”

“I no longer have to iron my hair each morning, hair smoothing has given me back at least half an hour every day, and my hair looks and feels great”

“Before hair smoothing, my hair grew outwards like a puff ball and now, for the first time in my entire life I have been able to grow my hair”