Transform Your Hair With Extensions

Balmain hair extensions at Decesare Hair Salon in Milton Keynes

If you’ve been longing for hair that is long and full of volume, it may be time to try our fabulous Balmain hair extensions. At Decesare Hair Salon in Milton Keynes, our extensions specialists offer complimentary in-depth consultations to help you get the hair you’ve been dreaming of.

Unlike some other brands, Balmain hair extensions will not damage or break your natural hair.  They are also comfortable to wear and sleep in – you can even wear your hair in a ponytail without your extensions being detected!

Call 01908 281218 to book your free consultation with one of our Balmain extension specialists where we can answer your questions, give you bespoke advice, and help you find the perfect look for you.

Read on to find the answers to your frequently asked questions about having hair extensions and see some of our gorgeous transformations at Decesare.

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Why Choose Balmain Hair Extensions?

At Decesare Hair Salon in Milton Keynes, we researched the market for the very best hair extensions and we chose Balmain, a professional superior, luxury hair extension system.

Salon owner Michael Decesare explains, “These hair extensions are amazing quality and are a great way to create length and to add thickness to your hair. They come in a range of lengths and colours. I love to use several colours in one application.”

Over 45 years ago, Balmain set out a mission to source, select and process the best hair extensions in the world and they now provide high-quality ethically-sourced hair to salons around the world.

Balmain’s pre-bonded extensions are perfect for all hair types including people with fine hair who want more volume and length. 

During your complimentary consultation, we can assess your hair and chat to you about the look you desire. Once you decide to go ahead, we will choose the perfect extensions to blend with your own hair, considering hair type, length and colour.

Hair Extensions at Decesare Salon – FAQs

Secure & Undetectable Quality Hair Extensions

“Not only can we match your natural colour, we also use the extensions to add highlights, depth and tone. We have achieved some fabulous celebrity-inspired ombre tresses and our clients have been thrilled with the results,” says Michael Decesare.

“Don’t worry, your extensions will also feel secure and are virtually undetectable. In fact, you can play sport, swim and style them as you wish – they are your little secret.”

How To Make Your Extensions Last Longer

What Our Clients Say About Balmain Hair Extensions…

Client J

J has thin and fine hair, and was looking for a thicker and fuller head of hair. We used 4 boxes (120 additions) of 25cm length to create beautiful extra volume and length. J hair was cut into shape with layers and J opted for a big, bouncy blow dry. “I love this length it’s so versatile,” adds Michael “and looks equally as good left straight or put up in a polished ponytail”.

Client S

S already had long hair but felt it could be thicker and fuller, especially at the sides where it appeared most wispy. Although S purchased 2 boxes of 40cm length hair, our extension specialist only used only one box of hair. We of course offered S a full refund for the unopened box, but she was so thrilled with the results that she decided to keep it and use it at a later date.

Client N

N yearned for long flowing hair with lots of volume and natural movement. After an in-depth consultation we choose 40cm hair extensions in the same colour tones as N’s natural hair together with a box of a lighter colour to give these fabulous highlights by using extensions and not colouring N’s own hair.

Client E

E’s natural hair is long and the extensions give it that thicker, bouncier, fuller look with lots of movement.

Client N

N has had extensions before but had never tried Balmain. She had 4 boxes (120 additions fitted) and fell head-over-heels in love with them. Unlike her previous extensions she commented on how light the Balmain ones felt – she couldn’t feel them in her hair. She was also delighted with how quick and simple fitting was compared to her previous extensions.