Hair Treatments at Decesare Hairdressers in Woburn Sands

The health of your hair and scalp is of utmost importance if you want glossy, healthy hair.  From time to time, we all have hair issues that can easily be addressed with some professional help and the right treatments.  Whatever your hair concerns, please take the time to chat with your Decesare stylist who can recommend the best course of action.  Call Decesare Salon in Woburn Sands on 01908 281218 or book a consultation so we can help you with your hair.

Davines Naturaltech

Our Davines Naturaltech hair treatments are customised to deliver instant results to meet your hair’s specific needs.  We can treat hair and scalp concerns such as dandruff or hair loss by ‘prescribing’ the right Naturaltech treatment for your hair type or concern.

As you’d expect with the latest Davines products, the Naturaltech formulas contain certified organic and animal-friendly ingredients, largely derived from plants.

Whether you’re struggling with dry hair, limp locks, split ends or simply fancy a spot of pampering, our Davines Naturaltech Treatments are carefully tailored to restore your hair’s beauty. We will custom-tailor each treatment to meet your hair’s requirements to help revitalise your hair.

Davines Natural Tech bespoke hair treatments in Milton Keynes

Fabriq Hair Smoothing

Do you have thick hair that takes forever to dry? Weak hair that simply will not grow? Or a frizzy mane of curls that are out of control?  It may be time to say goodbye to dry, frizzy hair and try a Fabriq hair smoothing treatment at Decesare Hair Salon in Milton Keynes.

Fabriq keratin treatments are designed to give you smoother, healthier hair for up to four months.  Ideal for all hair types from curly to wavy, we can repair damage, tame frizz, or even enhance your natural curls with our range of effective cruelty-free and vegan-friendly hair smoothing treatments.

Find out more about our Fabriq Keratin Treatments in Milton Keynes.